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Stigma Hyper V2 - Presale

Price: Please Call!!

Please allow 6-8 weeks shipping as machines are coming from overseas. The Hyper V2 is a semi-rotary machine using swashplate technology and a vertically placed motor for low vibration and quiet operation. Perfectly CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum (alloy 7075) and weighing only 115 grams (3.7 oz.), the Hyper V2 is ergonomic and well balanced allowing for easy handling and flexibility. The Hyper V2 features an adjustable “give” screw on the top of the armature. This screw allows for the machine to be fine tuned for lining, shading and coloring applications. To adjust the machine on the fly, simply turn the control screw clockwise for less give and counterclockwise for more give. Less give will provide a firmer hit, preferable for lining and single pass applications. More give will provide a softer hit, making it perfect for shading and multi-pass applications. The available stroke length of the Stigma Hyper V2 machine is also determined by the position of the “give” screw. When the adjustment screw is turned all the way out to its softest setting, the machine has a 4.7mm stroke length. When the adjustment screw is turned all the way in to its firmest setting, stroke length is 3.5mm. Machine speed is set by increasing or decreasing the voltage at the power supply. The Hyper V2’s operational voltage range is 7-12 volts, providing an approximate speed range of 50 to 166 cycles per second (CPS). Note: the speed and duty cycle of electric motor powered machines is not currently measurable with an Eikon EMS Power Supply. With the technology behind Stigma machines, you can work much longer, with more comfort and less noise. Switching to a Hyper V2 is easy – they come standard with connections for either a clipcord or a RCA connector cord. They are also designed to use all the same needles, tubes, grips and other accessories as coil machines. The Hyper V2 is compatible with the EMS300 (using rotary mode) and ES 200 power supplies. Please note that the tube, tip, and other accessories shown in the photo are sold separately and do not come with the machine.

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