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Tattoo Machines - Durb

1. Could you explain your style of tattooing and how your tattoo machines help you to achieve that style?
The best description of my tattooing is a painterly, traditional style using bright colors and easily readable imagery. I have been working with the same tattoo machines for quite a while, and they run perfectly for me. They donít hit too soft or hard, and allow me to layer color smoothly.
2. What is a typical tattoo machine setup? Are you partial to a certain tattoo machine builder or company?
I have been working with Pulse Tattoo Machines for nearly a decade now. I also really like to work with a few of my Aaron Cain tattoo machines. That is only the tip of my tattoo machine collection, but they are whatís used consistently.
3. Do you have a favorite frame or tattoo machine style?
Any hand-carved frame is always a great addition to my collection. Tattoo machines built by friends are especially cherished. I prefer a solid one-piece frame that looks simple, and is easy to use and clean.
4. Is there noticeable differences in tattoo machines with different amounts of coil wraps?
Absolutely there is a difference. Smaller coils run noticeably faster. I prefer coils with 8-10 wraps.
5. Have you found a spring setup you find works better for different applications?
My liner definitely has a stiffer back spring, 16ga. I donít like my shaders to run too soft either so I use an 18 ga.
6. Do you use a digital power supply or tune your tattoo machines by feel/sound/sight or a combination thereof?
It is definitely a combination of knowing the tattoo machines, the feel and sound of each individual machine. I also use a Pulse digital power supply. By using the combination, I am able to move between clients and the different types of skin very easily.
7. How often do you perform maintenance on your tattoo machines and what does that consist of?
Honestly I try not to mess with my tattoo machines too much, aside from cleaning them. I would have to say I tune them maybe once a month. But my maintenance routine is usually little tweaks, they all run great.
8. Have you noticed healing differences due to tattoo machines?
I think most healing differences are due to the artist more than the tattoo machine. Surely the machine can be running poorly or too fast and cause a difficult heal. But if you are using a quality tattoo machine and have a basic understanding of tuning and how the machine runs, as well as educate your client, then the healing shouldnít be affected.
9. Do you have any experience with pneumatic,rotary or half coil tattoo machines?
I actually learned to tattoo with a rotary tattoo machine. I have never used a pneumatic machine, and will most likely never stray away from the electric coil tattoo machine.
10. Any comments?
Keep your eyes peeled for some brand new iPhone applications from Hell City!

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